Anti-static Agents for Plastics manufacturers

Anti-static Agents for Plastics

Blend Colours is number Anti-static Agents for Plastics manufacturers and exporters. It is insulating nature and every polymer allows static charge to stick upon its surface mostly in the case of fibers & films. From an aesthetic point of view requirement for additives does not stop. In industrial applications during filling and loading of plastic packaging electric discharge generated so antistatic Additives are needed for their prevention.

This charge leads to undesirable consequences in the end product even in food package product attracting dust particles which is not hygienic. That’s why we are offering Anti-static Agents for Plastics manufacturers This Plastics main role is that makes the surface conductive or absorbs moisture that is coming from the air. We Provide Anti-static agents which help in preventing static charge that can be generated during transportation, processing, and even filling & handling parts of plastics. It also helps in avoiding dust that catches in packed goods.

Features :

  • Decreased  handling problems during transport, storage, and packing
  • Reduced Dust attraction affecting both appearance and performance of plastic products
  • Reduced Risk of electrical shock to employees working with plastics and consumers that use them
  • Reduced Risk of electrical discharge causing fire or explosion


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