Blend Colours offers its applications for wide range of industries

Agriculture, Master Batches for Improved Crop Production


Blend Colours provide cost effective, durable master-batch formulations for agriculture applications

MasterBatches for Packaging, Colours for Packaging


Blend Colours masterbatches touches daily millions of lives from toothpaste wrap to blankets

MasterBatches for White Goods, MasterBatches for Innovative Designs

White Goods

Blend Colours master batches strives to bring colours in white goods which were universal white in colour

Colours for Automotives, Colours for cars


Steering the auto industry with world of colors

Electronics and Telecommunications

Electronics & Telecom

We have the ability to develop unique and effective for any electrical or electronics application.

Healthcare and Pharma, Healthcare industry, Colours used in healthcare industry

Healthcare & Pharma

We provide custom polymer solutions that meet the uncompromising technical and regulatory requirements…

Textiles, Tailor-made colours


We provide a variety of polymer solutions to meet the needs of the PP& PET fibers.We gladly satisfy our customers

Wire and Cables

Wire & Cables

We provide total solutions for wire and cable industry with the ability to meet diverse global regulatory and product specifications.