Blendcolours is one of the most requested producers and providers of Masterbatch.. we have tremendous items run like added substance, bio-degradable, oxygreen, colour, black, and special effect, etc..


We are genuinely environment-friendly masterbatch-producers everywhere throughout the world. Masterbatches are a solid or fluid added substance for plastic utilized for shading plastics or transport various properties to plastics. A step towards unpracticed world worth, Oxo-Biodegradable masterbatches have the stuff. Blend colors are the biggest collection of Anti-Static Agents for Plastics, Color Masterbatches Manufacturers India. It improves plastic warmth conduction property and results in limiting trim time.

We provide the most inexpensive masterbatch, Oxo-Biodegradable masterbatches, additive masterbatches, colors masterbatches etc…and cost affordable answers to the environmental problems of today. Masterbatches are a new kind of special coloring agent for polymer materials, also known as pigment preparation.

These Masterbatches are widely required in the growing automobile, electrical industry for almost all plastic applications. Etc.