Blendcolours square measure concentrates on manufacturing prime quality Masterbatches that improves the rigidity and tightness property, whereas removing the surface lightweight from the plastic merchandise. and Blendcolours has specialized in colors and chemicals for over 30 years and has none no strong position in pigments and agrochemicals in the Asian nations and worldwide. With a range of more colors, we’re almost sure we have a match for the color you are looking for – not only for commodity polymers but for engineering plastics as well.

Masterbatches might be an engaging blend of shades and/or added substances epitomized all through a warming strategy into bearer rosin that is then cooled and dive a granular structure. Masterbatch grants the path or to shading crude substance compound financially all through the plastics creating process. Our scope of added substance masterbatches incorporates optical brightener masterbatches, UV masterbatches, cancer prevention agent masterbatches, Biodegradable masterbatches, black masterbatches, special effect masterbatches, PP masterbatches.

We offer Masterbatches to all or any common polymers on the market. and additionally create custom Masterbatches to figure all common polymers on the market and to all or any different kinds of processes i.e. blow molding, injection molding, film blowing, and extrusion