New Product Release

Fresh Keeper Masterbatch

In packaging, it can be used to limit ethylene accumulation. which extends the freshness of packed fruits, vegetables, flowers by 20-30%

Compostable Compound

It has been developed for the manufacturing of plastic films and laminates for various applications. It exhibits high mechanical properties, sealing strength & colourability

PIB Masterbatch

Is made up of special high molecular weight polyisobutylene having excellent compatibility with Polyolefine resin

IV Enhancer Masterbatch

Is a formulated internal polymer modifier specifically designed to enhance or maintain Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) of polyester resins during their processing.

Anti-Scratch Masterbatch

Is used for preventing the polymer surface from marring & scratches in various injection & blow moulding application. 

NIR Black Masterbatch

have launched a new range of its NIR-Black MB that are detectable with near infrared radiation. 

CU Antiviral Masterbatch

Is capable for performing both virostatic (growth inhibiting) & viricidal (virus killing) activity by the active ingredient copper

PPA for ECL Masterbatch

Extrusion coating lamination is a process used to produce a multi-poly structure based material used in food packaging. 


Anti-Rodent Masterbatch

Which acts by emitting an odour which is unpleasant to rodents. It creates immediate foul reaction in the rodents while they chew materials containing this masterbatches. So, we can save plastic products like Duct & DWC Pipes, Cables & wires, Drip Pipes, etc.

Anti-termite Masterbatch

This additive are highly bitter compound which is unacceptable to termites & which can be widely used in plastics to prevent the substrate from termite attacks. It effectively repels the termites from damaging the objects.

Antimicrobial Masterbatch

It can be incorporated with plastic resins during extrusion process.It protects the surface from staining & degradation caused by micro-organisms. Its developed on Nano-silver based chemistry which is more effective as compared to other zinc based alternatives. It is widely used in Textiles, Pharma, Industrial Coating, Personal Care & Cosmetics.

Cu Antimicrobial Masterbatch

It provides antimicrobial benefits through the safe & controlled release of copper ions over a time. It inhibits the buildup of bacteria, fungi, virus & other microbes on the surface of the plastic textiles. Effective against SARS-CoV-2 & HIN1 viruses.

Foaming Masterbatch

It activates & foam just before the processing temperature of the host polymer. Capable of achieving weight saving, prevention of sink marks. Mainly used in middle layer of Roto-Tanks.

Fragrance Masterbatch

It contains a concentrated organic fragrance that makes them ideal for film or molding applications. These polymers are used in wide range of applications like furniture, molded articles & carry bags, but they have a foul smell.By adding of fragrance MB in different plastics application it masks the unpleasant odour & releases it with desired aroma.
Hydrophobic Masterbatch

Hydrophobic Masterbatch

Mainly used as a liquid repellent additive for non-woven. Fabric shows excellent repellence for agriculture & medical use.

IR Absorber Masterbatch

Specially designed for Greenhouse film for maintaining the temperature during night-time. Suggested to use with the combination of UV Stabilizers, thereby granting long life films even in drastic conditions.

Impact Modifier Masterbatch

Impact Modifier MB are added to the polymer or compound material, it improves impact & resilience properties & helps to increase flexibility, provides impact strength to meet physical properties.

Laser Marking Masterbatch

With cost-effective solutions that enables high definition, high contrast laser marking on a clear & dark surface using laser systems.It can be implemented in 3 different types of marking -light, dark & colored. It is widely used for marking logos, barcodes, graphics, including food packaging, automotive, medical and electronics.

Light Diffuser Masterbatch

It creates a hazy effect on the bulb enclosure to improve front face brightness and brightness range. It’s used to control the intensity of light coming from the LED. It makes the distribution of light more even & makes the shadow that can’t see the reflection spot or light source point from front. It is used in LED Bulbs, Head Lamps, Electrical Lights.

Nucleating Agent Masterbatch

It is necessary in plastic moulds for lowering the haze & increasing the transparency of end article.These MB’s remarkably lower down the cycle time of moulding process along with increase the dimensional stability of product. It is used in Bottles, Containers, Medical Devices, etc.

Odour Scavenger Masterbatch

It gives a solution to reduce or remove undesired odour from the polymer, in recycle material. It is suitable for extrusion, injection & blow moulding process.It does not give out any fragrance, but used for the reduction of the chemical smell in the finished product.

UHT Black Masterbatch

UHT Black MB designed for packaging & storage hot pasteurized milk. It works by impacting high level of opacity, protection from UV degradation. We can use this product for Milk Packaging, Oil packaging.

Universal Black Masterbatch

Is a jet black MB specially designed for high gloss in thermoplastic application. Compatibility with PS, ABS, SAN, PE & PP. It provides 10% higher strength against existing products.

VCI Masterbatch

VCI MB is used to protect the packed article from corrosion, this MB releases anti-corrosion vapour, which forms a mono-ionic layer & provides protection to the packed parts.

Anti-Pest UV Masterbatch

This product is a synergistic combination of light stabilizer & UV absorber additives. It protects the mulch film from early breakage & wear out against pesticides spraying for a long crop cycle.

Anti-Split Masterbatch

It removes the longitudinal splitting problem & essential for maximum coloring strength & performance. Prevents failure of the PET strap.

PET Antiblock Masterbatch

In PET sheets their is a tendency towards blocking each other material. Blocking causes several handling problems.

Frost Effect Masterbatch

It is designed for PET & another clear resin (like PC, PMMA & PS) to induce a haze effect on the moulded articles. 

ESD Compound

Is designed to prevent ESD sensitive products & provide safety. It prevents part damage & malfunctioning of electronic devices.

Anti-static Agents for Plastics manufacturers

Compatibilizer Masterbatch

Are based on reactive chemical groups & functional compatibilizer which are chemically grafted on polyolefins.