Optical Brightener ManufacturersOptical Brightener Manufacturers – Product Descriptions

We are efficient Optical Brightener Manufacturers. Optical Brightener Masterbatch is used for whiteness and brightness in the plastic products. It consists of bis-benzoxazole organic derivative which we are specially used for polymers. It also reduces the yellowing in end product & improved whiteness & brightness. We  absorb ultraviolet radiation and re- emits blue light.

As blendcolours are master as Optical Brightener. We offered best quality Optical Brighteners to the valuable clients. Products are proposed & processed using quality-testing parameters and using advanced techniques in synchronization with global standard. Along with that, Optical Brightener is used in various applications like films & fibers. Customers can avail this stock from us at very competitive rates.

Applications of Optical Brightener:

  • Films and Sheets
  • Fibers
  • Molded thermoplastic
  • Filaments
  • Extruded products
  • Rotomoulding

Features of Optical Brightener:

  • Composed of bis-benzoxazole
  • Reduces yellowing of plastic products
  • Enhance the whiteness and brightness
  • Absorbs UV radiation
  • Re-emit blue light
  • No bluer tone in the product
  • Improves optical properties
  • Contains highly concentrated brightener chemicals