Blend colors provide an Oxo green biodegradable masterbatch. These masterbatches area unit more throughout the manufacture of the plastic article to provide a biodegradable outcome. Blend colors masterbatches have been designed to control any premature degradation happening before the plastic object is discarded into the waste stream.

When the helpful lifetime of the plastic article is over and it’s thrown into the rubbish tip, landfill or green waste stream, the article can divide, micro-fragment and eventually permit the micro-organism within the natural environment to complete the method of biodegradation. The end merchandise area unit water, carbonic acid gas and biomass, all of that area unit harmless to the environment.


Advantage of Oxo green biodegradable masterbatch

  • Stable and proven product
  • Cost effective technique of enhancing the environmental credentials of plastics
  • Very low addition level
  • Can be manufactured on existing machinery
  • Is safe for long-term contact with food
  • Helps reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment