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Blend Colours Pvt. Ltd. Plot # 35, IDA Kattedan, Hyderabad – 500 077

Tel: +91 95425 54400 Email: info@blendcolours.com

Our Tailor Made Colours Offer Solutions

We provide a variety of polymer solutions to meet the needs of the PP& PET fibers.We gladly satisfy our customers by offering solutions for technical issues and providing them with standard and tailor-made colours. Our experience gained over the years enables us to perform well in any application such as fibers, mono & multi filaments & PP non-woven’s.


  • 1
    Non Woven Fabric.
  • 2
    PET Staple Fibers.
  • 3
    PET POY.
  • 4
    PET Mono Filament.
  • 5
    PP Fiber & Filaments.